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Principle Investigator

Elli Leadbeater:


PhD Students

Greg Pasquier, 2017-now:

Romain Willemet, 2017-now:

Cecylia Watrobska, 2019-now:

    Twitter: @cecyliaw1

Jack Hargrave, 2022-now:

Guy Mercer, 2021- now:

    Twitter: @guy_mercer1

Joe Palmer, 2019-now (lead supervisor: Vincent Jansen):

    Personal website:

    Twitter: @joepgpalmer

Marianne Safarti, 2021-now (lead supervisor: Rob Lachlan):

     Twitter: @MarianneSarfati

     Rob Lachlan group's group Twitter: @CuCo_Group

Technical staff:

Keith McMahon is our contracted Beekeeper

Previous lab members

Matthew Hasenjager (Postdoc, now at the University of Tenessee)

Vix Franks (Postdoc, now at the University of Chester)

Fabio Manfredini (Postdoc, now at at the University of Aberdeen)

Chris Pull (Postdoc, now at the University of Oxford)

Harry Siviter (PhD, completed Oct 2019, now at the University of Texas)

Ash Samuelson (PhD, completed Sept 2019, now at Kew Gardens)

Lisa Evans (PhD, completed Jan 2015)

Karen Smith (PhD, completed Nov 2015)

Alfie Scott (MSc, completed Sept 2018)

Tash Waite (MSc, completed Sept 2016)

Federico Cappa (Aceddemia dei Lincei visiting postdoctoral fellow, 2018)

Irina Petkova (Field and Lab Assistant, now at the University of Oslo)

Monika Yordanova (Field and Lab Assistant, now at Imperial College London)

Maddy Vierbuchen (Field and lab assistant)

Rosalie Wright (Intern)

Zara Manwaring (Intern)

Alexis Gkantiragas (Nuffield student)

Agata Soltysinska (Nuffield student)

Anna Nause (BSc student)

Matt Rawlings (BSc student)

Jacob Horner (BSc student)

Adam Woolcott (BBSRC Research Placement intern; BSc student)

Olivia Dyer (BSc student)

Jagpreet Hayre (BSc student)

Lucy Tilly-May (BSc student)

Sara Cobacho Jimenez (University of Barcelona; intern)

Huw Fox (BSc student)

Miranda Burke (Field Assistant)

Greg Pasquier (Field Assistant)

Liberty John (Intern)

Victoria Tubman (Intern)

Alex Hadleigh (field assistant)

Tom Oliver (field assistant)

Maxime Janbon (field assistant)


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