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August  2018: Postdoc Chris Pull is awarded the Hamilton Prize at ESEB 2018

Well done Chris! Well-deserved!

August  2018: Harry Siviter's PhD results published in Nature

We exposed bumblebee colonies to 5ppb sulfoxaflor for two weeks and then monitored them throughout the colony cycle. You can read the paper here

June 2018: New paper about the effects of urbanization on bumblebee colonies out! Lead author: Ash Samuelson

With our long-term collaborators, Mark Brown (RHUL) and Rich Gill (Imperial College). Our funders were the BBSRC, who fund Ash's PhD studentship, High Wyckham Beekeeper's Assocation and the ERC. Most of all, a very big THANK YOU to all the homeowners who hosted a bumblebee colony for all that time!

You can read the paper here (open access):

And the media coverage here:

Article in the Guardian

Article in the Telegraph

Ash Samuelson on BBC Farming Today

Article in New Scientist

Article inthe Huffington Post

Article in the New York Times

March 2018: Harry Siviter presents his research on novel pesticide Sulfoxaflor to MPs at the Houses of Parliament

Harry was selected to take part in STEM for Britain 2018, in the Biological and Biomedical sciences section (March 2018)

April 2018: Undergraduate bioscientist Monika Yordanova presents her work at ASAB  

Monika won an ASAB undergraduate project bursary to do a research project in our lab in Summer 2017, and the work she presented at ASAB was the result. 

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