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ERC Project: BeeDanceGap


Researchers: Elli Leadbeater, Fabio Manfredini, Matt Hasenjager

Our ERC project focuses upon the proximate and ultimate evolutionary drivers of waggle-dance communication in honeybees. We use neural transcriptomics to understand the genomic basis for dancing and dance following, and social network analyses to assay the dance's importance as a communication system in different ecological contexts. You can find the project website here.

Leverhulme Trust Project: Cognition in the Wild


Researchers: Elli Leadbeater, Chris Pull, Greg Pasquier

We are interested in the costs and benefits of learning and memory in bees. To assay them, we measure early, medium and long-term memory in the lab, and relate these to fitness in the wild.

Cognition in a changing world
Cognition in a changing world

2014- ongoing

Researchers: Ash Samuelson, Harry Siviter


We use colony-level fitness assays, learning assays and land-use analysis to understand how bees are affected by anthropogenic stressors including urbanisation and pesticide exposure

Cognitive biases

2017- ongoing

Researcher: Romain Willemet


We are interested in how the parameters of learning vary across evolutionary contexts, using lab-based bumblebees as a model.

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