Interested in MSc research?

We are currently advertising a potential MSc project, to be undertaken via Royal Holloway's one-year MSc in Biological Sciences Research. More details are here.

Interested in postdoctoral work?

Newton International Postdoctoral Fellowships UK

The Newton Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme supports excellent researchers (see eligibility here) to come to the UK for a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship. Professor Mark Brown and Dr Elli Leadbeater  are actively recruiting potential applicants for these fellowships to join them in their research groups at Royal Holloway University of London. Our study systems include bumblebees and honey bees, and research areas we’re interested in include  learning and cognition, neuroethology, host-parasite interactions, impacts of agrochemicals on bee health, conservation ecology, urban ecology of bees, and general social insect biology. We have bumblebee rearing facilities, a cognition lab, a research apiary that includes observation hives, and microscopy and molecular facilities.

This is a highly competitive scheme. Please read through all the details on eligibility and see the Newton Fellowship page for previous successful applicants. If you believe you are a competitive applicant, please contact us ( or before 15th February with your CV, brief idea for a research project (title and paragraph detailing question, context, importance, main aims - do your best to map this onto the assessment criteria), and a brief letter detailing confirmation of eligibility, and why you think working with one or both of us is a good next step for you in your career.

Deadline: initial submission to Brown/Leadbeater 15th February, final application 27th March 2019

Interested in PhD studentships?
There are two main routes to applying for a PhD studentship in our research group:

1.College or BBSRC-funded studentships. These are advertised annually in December/January (e.g. see studentship advert above).
2. Funded studentships from the London NERC DTP. The DTP is a 4-year fully funded PhD programme that includes taught courses in the first year. Entry is competitive, and you should read all about the DTP system here before preparing an application.The subject area of this project can be anything that falls within the NERC remit, so please contact me if you would like to discuss projects on Insect cognition, Honeybee communication, Animal Social Learning or Pollinator behaviour and conservation.